Combi Boiler Temperature Setting Advice for Best Efficiency 


In summer the cold weather may seem a million miles away and the temperature of your boiler may not be a big concern. But as autumn approaches and the temperature begins to drop it is good to know you’re all set for the winter ahead. Alongside a good annual service it is important to make sure your combi boiler is set to the right temperature. But what is the best combi boiler temperature setting? Well, you are certainly not alone in asking.

A lot of people simply turn on the heating when it’s cold and dial it back down if things get too hot. Doing things this way may be easy but it’s certainly not the cheapest way of living. With a few simple tricks, you can improve your efficiency and lower your monthly bills at the same time.

The perfect heat for your home

Anyone who has ever sweated through a bad working summer or had to grab an extra sweater for the winter months knows what a hassle it can be if the temperature isn’t set right for your needs. While everyone has a different comfort level a good guide temperature is between 18 and 21 degrees.

This is slightly lower than our internal body temperature and keeps you feeling comfortable while optimising the performance of your combi boiler. Various studies have shown that this is the optimal temperature for a comfortable nights sleep as well. Older people and anyone with lower mobility may prefer a temperature between 22 and 23 degrees.

Staying comfortable at work.

Offices everywhere suffer from a problem. Keeping everyone happy when it comes to heating. Fortunately, more of us are getting to work remotely these days which lets us have full control of our own thermostat.

If you’re working from home it may be worth dialling up the temperature just a degree or two to 21-23 degrees as some research has shown that’s better for concentration. It’s easier to keep that good workflow going if you don’t have to stop and put on a jumper.

Reaching the right temperature.

Despite what a lot of us think, simply spinning the thermostat into the red doesn’t fix the problem. It may heat the house but it is not the quickest or the most efficient way to go. IT uses a lot more energy and can put a strain on your combi boiler and your central heating system. So why doesn’t it work faster to simply dial it up to full power?

Combi boilers heat your home at a certain speed. The temperature increases a set amount every minute and this only stops when the room reaches the required heat. Setting the thermostat to 25 when you only need to reach 22 degrees means using more fuel and can start an expensive cycle of overheating the room and opening a window to cool things down.

Know your boiler controls better

Smart thermostats are a great addition to your heater set up but they aren’t the only control, or the most important. The buttons and settings on the boiler itself are vital to efficient heating and a good supply of hot water. Using them properly can save you a considerable amount of money.

Start by locating the digital display and dials on the front of your boiler. These are the controls for your radiators and hot water control. To get the best out of your system we usually recommend setting the radiator control to between 74 and 76 degrees and your hot water dial to 60 degrees.

Now that the temperature is set right you can adjust the timer to make sure it is only on when it needs to be. Fortunately, you only need to worry about your heating because the majority of combi boilers heat water on demand and don’t have a timing setup for it. The timing you choose should be based on your average routing. On days when you’re out at work, it is advisable to set your heating to turn off automatically during the day and not come back on until about half an hour before you come home. You can also set it to turn on half an hour before your morning alarm so that you wake up to a nice warm house and not a morning chill.

Of course, you can always overrule these timing by manually dialling up the heat if you’re home unexpectedly or the weather is on the chilly side.

Set the heat in each room individually

Most radiators have an individual heating setting. This is great for making sure less commonly used rooms are not being heated for no reason. Commonly used spaces should be set at the higher end of the dial for quicker warmth and for those rooms you are not using it is advisable to dial back to 1 or 2. You should not leave a radiator off for long periods as it can lead to the room becoming too cold. This can lead to dampness and mould if you are not careful.

If your property has underfloor heating pipes you might have a separate thermostat for each room. In which case you should be able to set up each room individually.

In Summary:


As you can see the wrong combi boiler temperature setting could cost you money day after day.Even a few degrees in the wrong direction cna start to add up. For the best results we recommend setting the radiator control to between 74 and 76 degrees and your hot water dial to 60 degrees. This should give you all the hot water you need and keep your home comfortable whatever the weather.

At Smart Boiler Repair we can advise you on how to get the best results from your heating system. If you have any questions, or if your boiler isn’t working its best, our team can help you. Get in touch today.

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