When your boiler breaks down what’s your first port of call? If you don’t know a heating engineer directly, you’re likely to search for ‘boiler repair near me’ in Google and hope that someone will answer the phone.

Emergency Boiler Repair: We’ll Help You Find It

Google is a fantastic tool but it can be a little overwhelming. You don’t need 1000 local boiler repair companies…you just need one who can get out to you and get your hot water flowing again at a reasonable cost.

With that in mind, we created Smart Boiler Repair. We’re trying to build out a site that will help you to learn more about how boilers work and why they breakdown so that you can find a local gas boiler repair company that you can work with to get your problem resolved.

Your Local Boiler Repair Network

While we’ve got some great guides and tips on our blog, you can use Smart Boiler Repair to find a local gas boiler repair company (we’re just focusing on London right now…sorry to anyone outside of the capital) that we recommend.

If you’d like to work with us or have your boiler repair company listed wherever in the UK you are, please contact us.